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Fighting Cancer and Playing Basketball Like a Flynn

The St. Ambrose community is rallying around a sophomore football player recently diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Dancing for the Title

Fighting Bee: Liam Griffin

Fighting Bee: Joshua Flemming

Joshua Flemming is a sophomore swimmer from Rock Island. His major is Cyber Network Security

St. Ambrose Adding a New Varsity Sport

Indoor Track

Indoor track is in full speed as they kicked off their home opener on Dec. 2 with a first place win.

Fighting Bee: Levi Vermeulen

The transfer student and California native talks about his transition from the West Coast to the Midwest, and a highly anticipated men's volleyball season.

Diving into a new year

Coach Mieznikowski tells us what he expects for the new swimming and diving team.

SAU sports calendar

Start Unknown, Finish Unforgettable

The women’s basketball team is back and looking to have a successful season this year.